Health & Beauty


The core idea behind this application is to contribute beneficial health and beauty tips . There is an increasing concern about health and beauty among people. It is often said that health and beauty go hand in hand. This app has been structured into two parts-health and beauty. Health part provides information about stress management and yoga asanas to be performed to lead a healthy and serene life. Also it lays out natural remedies for various common diseases and tips to have a peaceful and sound mind. On the other hand, beauty part puts up tips for maintenance of eyes, skin, hair and face. In a nutshell, this application would lend a hand in leading a fine fettle life.

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* Tips for leading a long life.

* Healthy mind tips for a mentally stable life.

* Natural remedies or home remedies for common diseases.

* Yoga asanas to be practised for various ailments with pictures.

* Tips to manage stress in a bustling world.

* Home remedies to have beautiful eyes, face, etc.