Kids App


Kids App is basically an app for learning and teaching valuable information for your smart kids. It consists of beautiful pictures of animals, birds, insects, flowers, fruits, vegetables etc. Voice recognition is the main attractive part of Kids App. Our Kids App is completely for the purpose of kids pre-learning. Our app explores lots and lots of images of Animals, Birds, Flowers, Insects, Fruits, Vegetables and Colours. Our app has an inclusive feature of providing sound for Animals and Birds. Kids can easily learn the sounds of the Animals and Birds by just clicking on the image. Our app also have an great feature of voice reorganisation in which Kids can get the exact Animal or Birds image by saying the exact animal or birds name. Our app also have a feature of “Take a Test”, in this feature kids are been shown an image and followed by 4 option of answer. Out of this, Kids have to choose the correct answer to get the next question (image).

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* Attractive Pictures.

* Clear Pronunciation of the names in English.

* Sounds of animals and birds.

* Voice Recognition (when internet available).

* Offline Mode (except Voice Recognition).

* Kids can touch the picture name and hear the respective picture's name.

* Kids can touch the pictures and hear the sound.

* Optimized for phones.