Rental Management


The Rental Management System (RMS) is an online property finding site for rental and property management. It provides a speedy browsing to hunt for the property in your locality and provide a great support for hassle free move in to the property. We list the widest range of property types and styles, from studio apartments to detached family homes, allowing you to see more. Whether you are a student, young professional or a family, Rental Management has the right rental property for you. Perhaps you are caught in the middle of a sales chain and need a property to rent in a hurry? Rental Management can help!

Features and Benefits:

* Provide market analysis to maximize rental property value.

* Coordinate all advertising for vacant apartments and units.

* Thoroughly screen prospective tenants.

* Provide all needed documentation, including rental agreements.

* Serving the Portland, OR metro area, including the Pearl District.

* Address all tenant problems or property management concerns including 24-hour emergency service.

* Coordinate all maintenance needs, including bids for any major repairs.

* Collect all rents and deposit in clients trust accounts.

* Provide monthly financial statements for all income and disbursements.

* Bi-annual unit inspections with detailed property condition and tenant reports.